Kansas - May 22nd


This was a great event and I was honored to be opening for Trecer Cielos.  

Phoenix -  July 21st 
Daniela will be performing songs like Hope and Crying out, from her new album "My Heart" at the 2016 Church of God confrences.


Noche Latina - July 9th

Bringing artist from around San Antonio to grace the air with God's Love in music.  Featuring Daniela Flores, AB Rodriguez and more.  The stage has been set for an evening of family fun, music, games and carnival style foods.  

My Heart - My latest ablum will be available in stores June 10th!!!

This is truly a collection of the sounds of "My Heart." Many of these songs are based on personal experiences and others's relationships. Stories of unique transitions of healing are surfaced in these lyrics. I pray that this album is a blessing to everyone who hears it. I want you to jam to it in your car, sing it out loud, dance to it, relate to it, share it, love it and allow God to minister your heart through it!