Album: My Heart

Written by Daniela Flores (Ahl)

Verse 1

Look at those beautiful blue eyes

Look at the gorgeous brown hair

He’s got that perfect dark skin

But what is he?



Doesn’t matter 'cause he's beautiful, he’s beautiful

Darling you're beautiful, yeah


Verse 2

Look at those rosy pink lips,

look at the dimples on her cheeks

She's got an accent when she's speaks

So what is she?



Doesn't matter 'cause she's beautiful, she's beautiful

Darling you're beautiful

'Cause you see, race doesn't matter


Verse 3

Nobody's born a racist,

you gotta become one

Nobody sees a difference

til someone points it out

So why have we taken something beautiful

and turned it into something that divides us all

We all feel pain, we all need love

so why can't we let that be enough?

To bring us together, once and forever

All God's children sing



We're beautiful, we're beautiful

Darling we're beautiful

So you see, race doesn't matter



Little baby with daddy's eyes

Half moon brown eyed, precious child ooh

And she's got her momma's blonde wavy hair

And if you ask them what she is they'll say...



She's beautiful, she's beautiful

God made her beautiful

'Cause you see race doesn't matter

We're beautiful, we're beautiful

God made us beautiful

So you see, race doesn't matter



So you see, race doesn't matter.