Daniela Flores was born on June 3, 1989 in Coahuila, Mexico. Her parents Daniel and Norma Flores remember that from an early age, Daniela loved music, acting and performing for anyone who'd listen. At 4 years old, she played Virgin Mary in the Nativity play at her local Church. She surprised family and friends when she wrote her first song at the short age of only 9.


"We questioned her ability. We didn’t believe that they were actually songs she had written. They were very good, so it was hard to think they came from our little girl of only 10 years." Norma Flores


In seeing that Daniela was commited to writing, her Dad decided to enroll her in guitar lessons. "My desire was that she could accompany her lyrics and melodies with instruments. At first she didn't want to, but I told her that it would better her compositions, so she agreed." Daniel Flores

Daniela participated in several school plays and musicals. Her senior year, she auditioned and was chosen to play the lead character in the musical "Recess."

After graduating high school in North Carolina, Daniela moved to San Antonio, Texas with her parents and younger sister, Mia Flores. She then enrolled at CanZion Institute of Music in Houston, where she prepared musically and ministerially. For her graduation, Daniela was selected to perform her original song, "Tu Me Sostendras", where she was also blessed to sing alongside Marcos Witt.


Daniela was honored to be named Pop Singer of the year at the 2012 Expresion Latina Awards in Portland. She performed at the Latin Grammys as a background singer for John Legend and Juanes. Her original piece "Dios Va De Tu Lado" was the theme song for Nuestra Modelo Houston, where she also performed. Daniela's "Conectandonos Con Dios" was chosen as the 1st annual Conexion Conference theme song, where she sang live at Lakewood Church, Houston. On multiple occasions she's had the priviledge of leading worship at conferences where Pastor Ricardo Caballero ministered. She recently shared the stage with Lali Torres in Houston. Various local T.V. and Radio have supported her music with interviews and playtime. 


Daniela has been back in the studio working on her new album, "'My Heart", to be released in the summer of 2016. She's excited to share her new music in hope that it will inspire your heart and bring you closer to God.


"I pray that my music is a blessing to everyone who hears it. I want you to jam to it in your car, sing it out loud, dance to it, relate to it, share it, love it and allow God to minister your heart through it!" Daniela